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The Alien opera House serves as a multidimensional healing space for personal and relational transformation. We have a metaphysical artist-centered space where we create healthy organic food products. We offer alkaline based coffee, mineral and spring water, organic teas, smoothies, and tasty treats. We also have CBD infused food and products. Select crystals, stones, gems unique local art and repurposed antiquities are displayed here. Local skilled leather, metal and wood workers will create and display their work here. Honey, lotions, soaps, and potions made by local creators will also be available.


Our music venue is a sanctuary that has a intimate, exciting, and healing vibe. The artists will be interviewed about their personal journey in music throughout their performance. Even with social distancing, we can host 300-400 beings with a night of healthy dining, healing and good vibrations. We are radical world changers with a message of hope, healing, peace and love.

Local artists and vendors can create and sell their work here and also on our online store. We create t-shirts, hats, mugs, and plates with artists’ own work on site. Specialty classes/sessions such as yoga, reiki, massage therapy, psychic and tarot readings, and past life regressions are scheduled. Weekly classes will be held to teach different spiritual, philosophical and intellectual methods/practices. Cocoa and shamanic ceremonies and rituals will be offered. Human Design will be taught and practiced by those who create and produce for the company. Excursions will be offered to create group experiences in nature. Farmers markets will be offered according to season.

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We do not exclude anyone who has an open heart and mind who is willing to change and grow. Our vision is aligned with like-minded beings in a space to create abundantly together. We are beings of light that have risen from the ashes and found a better way of life that we are willing to share with the galaxies.

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